Today I learned why they put little black diamonds on tape measures

Viral ThreadApril 25, 2017Views 70

You’ve probably got a few tape measures around the house, but have you ever taken the time to really look at them? Most people simply ignore they mysterious markings, but they’re actually quite useful!

Here are a few revealing insights about those seemingly random marks that every homeowner should know.

Take those strange black diamonds for example. Why are they positioned at intervals of exactly 19.2″? It turns out that this distance matches the center point between studs for homes constructed with 5 studs per 8 feet of plywood, which is not uncommon for homes built to withstand a snow load every winter. For homes with 16″ or 24″ stud spacing use the red or black boxes respectively.

Learn even more about how your tape measure can make your projects easier with the insightful video below!

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